Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Front Row Seat

Sorry for the delay.
I guess it is time for me to get back to the blog.

It is
kinda funny,
in an odd way,

that on the east side of Sea Camp Dock,
the view is close to total wilderness.

On the west side of the dock, it could be one of
total destruction.

 Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

The last weekend of August, my friend Beth and I were on the island for 3 days documenting a few structures on the Dungeness Estate.  The first day, Saturday afternoon, we spent our time relaxing and enjoying the beach.

Later that afternoon, we started the hike back to the dock at Sea Camp to board the ferry back to the Riverview Hotel in St. Marys.

Lesson #1
Never give your camera to anyone,
no matter how bad you need to splash your face in a water faucet.

Lesson #2
If the person carrying your camera
 is 45 yards ahead of you and boarding the ferry at the dock, 
they are not going to make out or comprehend
what you are yelling to them over the noise from the engines of the ferry.

As I got closer to Sea Camp, I raise my head from the sandy path

looking towards the ferry at the dock. Lo and behold, looking westward past the ferry, a submarine was passing from Kings Bay through the channel heading out to a voyage of the unknown depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Two large escort ships and a couple of small boats with machine guns were following the sub as it headed out to sea. 
Beth, not understanding my yelling as I ran toward the dock with nine other people, turned in amazement.
I ran aboard the ferry, grabbed my camera, turned around zooming towards the submarine, and started clicking away at the sail and foreplane peering out of the dark water. 
What A Scene

Moving at an extremely fast sped, I could only get a few shots off with the camera before the submarine and flotilla were rounding the point at Raccoon Keys and Beach Creek.  It makes one wonder exactly how fast the submarines move inland. Those of you who are familiar with the island can see how fast this deadly creature was moving.

Gunfire Erupts!

 Check the link below.

I feel sorry for visitors arriving today to Cumberland Island by the ferry from St. Marys.