Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stafford Cemetery

The Stafford Cemetery is located a short distance south of the main house, Stafford Mansion. Robert Stafford was the leading planter and the largest landholder with up to 350 slaves on Cumberland Island in the nineteenth-century. He is buried in the cemetery along with his mother and his sister. The cemetery is enclosed by tabby block walls and there are four marked gravesites located inside. 

to the memory of
Born on
Cumberland Island, Ga.
Dec. 8th, 1790
and died
Aug. 1st, 1877

One of the gravesites
located within the walled cemetery 
is not a member of the Stafford family.

Tom Hutchison was William C. Carnegie's personal golf coach and the golf pro at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club at Southampton, NY.  William had a nine-hole golf course in one of Robert Stafford's large plantation fields next to the Stafford mansion. A golf professional from Scotland, he was killed when thrown from a horse while visiting with William on Cumberland.

For more information on the
life of Robert Stafford,
read Mary R. Bullard's book:
Robert Stafford of Cumberland Island

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hunting Seashells

Last August my friend Beth and I were on the island the day after Hurricane Irene had marched up the coast and skirted past the islands of Florida and Georgia. Beth, the editor of our local newspaper, had an appointment on Cumberland and invited me to tag along. With our beach paraphernalia in tow, we took the ferry over to Cumberland planning for a relaxing day on the beach before her meeting the next day. In route, we met a wonderful lady AKA "Susan" and we chatted on the cruise ride over to the island. Arriving at the Sea Camp Dock and unloading our gear, we descended upon the dock.  Knowing our plans for the day, Susan asked us if we wanted do something different.  Something different? Heck yeah! Turns out that Susan had a car.  We piled into the vehicle with a new planned agenda of hunting seashells and set out north on the isle to conquer Stafford Beach.

A small lion in the oak forest  stands watch overlooking the narrow road that leads to Stafford Beach.

Leaving the dunes behind us, we were in shock and could only smile in disbelief at that variety of seashells that had washed ashore.

After a few hours of hunting and eating our packed lunch, we set out southward to Little Greyfield Beach. The drive off the Main Road that leads you to the beach and through the dunes is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Millions of empty shells had been dredged up off the depths of the ocean floor by the churning ocean water. Many shells with living critters and other interesting things were deposited along the beach.  

That Sunday, we had some good pickin’s along
the coast of Cumberland Island.
Thank you Susan for a wonderful day!