Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outside The House That Thomas and Lucy Built

Below are intriguing glimpses of photo details that I have taken of Dungeness. The ruined mansion sits silently awaiting for visitors to the picturesque island of Cumberland.  The concrete and granite veneer brick walls spike upwards towards the sky revealing a few reminders of it's architectural existence.
Few visitors will realize the incredible identity that the mansion has with her superb original details that are left intact. Their glances may be one of: remnants of a once grandeur of lost time.
Me, I'm a visual person. My glance is one of: I see the evidence of the grandeur that once was and I search for the details trying to visualize what it once had looked liked.

Below, a mansion hopeful to be not
forgotten amid her heavily wooded preserve.

This is what I see!

Segmental, Anse De Panier, and Stilted Arches

 Voussoirs, Soffits, Extrados,
 Springers, and Impost

Stone Moulding - Throated
Water Drips Underneath